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About us

How things started...
Kim Henson, the driving force behind these books, is an avid enthusiast of vehicles - especially the older ones. He has owned, driven, worked on and (most of all) enjoyed a wide variety of them since the age of 16.
Over the past 25 years, stemming from his deep-rooted passion for the subject, he has written professionally about motor cars, both old and new, for a wide range of national and international motoring magazines.
Among the many diverse titles Kim has written for are Practical Motorist, Car Mechanics, Your Car, Classic Car Mechanics, Restoring Classic Cars, Your Classic, Practical Classics, Classic Car Weekly, Classic Cars, Classic and Sportscar, Classic Cars For Sale, Classics, MG World, Triumph World, Porsche and 911 World, Classic Ford, Land Rover Owner International, What MPV and 4WD, British Car (U.S.A.), Car Trade, Dorset Life (Road Tests), Somerset Life (Road Tests), and Retro Cars, plus a host of motor trade/technical magazines and other motoring titles.

Kim has also applied an enthusiastic approach and down to earth style in writing a number of motoring books. Titles produced for Haynes Publishing include:
Austin A30/A35 Super Profile
Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration: Ford Cortina Mk I/II and Escort Mk I/II
Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration: Ford Capri
Classic Car Interior Restoration Manual (all makes/models)

Kim has made significant contributions to other motoring books too, including the comprehensive "Encyclopedia of Cars", published by Brian Trodd Publishing House Ltd. and Colour Library Books Ltd.
Perhaps unusually these days, Kim takes pleasure in practising what he preaches in his writing, and is actively involved with all aspects of classic car ownership, use and enjoyment. He runs what is effectively a fleet of older vehicles, maintaining and using many of them on a daily basis.

This passion for many of the unsung heroes of our motoring heritage led directly to the "Accessible Classics" idea. Kim had often searched in vain for publications covering the more "accessible" models, and what it is really like to buy, use and have fun with such vehicles in the 21st Century.
This seemed a pity, so he decided to do something about it - hence these new books!

Three Austins being "used and enjoyed" in Cornwall, on the occasion of the A30/A35 Owners Club International Rally 2002, held over the weekend of the Royal Golden Jubilee celebrations. From left to right, 1968 A35 "van conversion", 1958 A35 two door saloon, 1955 A30 two door saloon.

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